Challenge Friends

Bragr is all about making quick picks with friends. 


Challenge friends to head to head and 1v1 challenges.


Keep track of your friends in the Friends Newsfeed.




Everchanging scoreboard

Sports happen fast. So do the Bragr Scoreboards.

Track all your action realtime in your Live Scoreboard.

Micro scoreboards of all your contests update fast too.

create your own

Create micro H2H challenges to send to friends and foes.


Mix and match sets of picks across sports and teams to send to the Lobby or to friends.


Compile sets of picks of just the teams you care about to play with friends you know will like those picks.

share the Brag

What’s the fun of beating a buddy if you can’t brag?


Share your active challenges with friends to build big contests.


Post your wins up in to your social networks.