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The Head to Head Sports Bragging App
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The Bragr App. The best sports picks and predictions app. Challenge friends. Play head to head with friends on your teams and sports. 1v1. Share the game. Install the sports bragging app. Free to play. Pickem. Football, basketball, hockey, baseball, soccer, golf, tennis and all major sports. NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball, NHL, MLB, Premier League, Champions League, Euro 2020, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, World Cup 2022, Formula 1, NASCAR, UFC, MMA, March Madness, Olympics, Super Bowl, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup, World Series.








About Us

Bragr, the sports bragging app, is a game where friends and fans share sports. Make picks, predictions and pickems with friends, family, foes and fans. Play head to head against similarly ranked players. “Brag” about winning– the world over, and in social networks.


Bragr is free to play and fun. Predict and share with friends who will score first, who will be winning at halftime, who will miss a field goal, who will score on a penalty kick, who will win. And in the simplest way, a swipe right or left – and a challenge sent to a friend or foe.


Bragr is live. Watch your live Scoreboard change on the fly as all your picks and those of your friends and rivals update real time.


Bragr is for the casual as well as the serious sports fan.


Bragr is all about sharing the game.


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