Mets Send Their Best

Jacob DeGrom, baseball’s best pitcher, takes the mound for the New York Mets tonight against the Boston Red Sox. Will DeGrom strike out 12 Red Sox hitters?

NHL Playoff Hunt

Updated: Apr 28 The Florida Panthers and Nashville Predators collide tonight with both chasing playoff seeds. Will Florida score first?

Nets Suns Preview

Updated: Apr 28 The Phoenix Suns visit the Brooklyn Nets in what could be an NBA Finals preview. Will Kyrie Irving score at least 27 points?

UFC Usman Masvidal 3

Updated: Apr 28 UFC 261matches Kamara Usman and Jorge Masvidal for the third time. Will Masvidal pull off the upset?

Oakland A’s Winning Streak

Updated: Apr 28 The Oakland A’s are looking for their 12th straight win against the Baltimore Orioles. Will the A’s win tonight?

Mets and Cubs at Wrigley

Updated: Apr 28 The New York Mets and Chicago Cubs will be looking to get winning under the lights at Wrigley Field. Will the Cubs score the first run?