Bragr is all about making quick picks with friends. With Bragr the best NFL pickem app you can make picks, predictions and pickems with friends, family, fans and foes. Imagine making nine picks on your favorite team as they play another football or baseball or soccer team. Predictions all about your favorite players.

Bragr is quick and fast to play as well as free. Swipe left or right and send your picks to friends or foes around the world. See how you stack up against the best or just other friends who like certain teams you do too. Pro football pickems have come a long way but Bragr makes it so easy to trade picks like messages with friends. And all the scoring is captured in micro leaderboards to see who really stacks up.

We are coming in to the heart of the sports year with hockey and basketball kicking in shortly to join global soccer, football, baseball and all the other sports in full swing. With Bragr, you can combine picks from different sports and teams in a create your own feature where you can build set of questions about your favorite sports and teams. And you better be quick because you are on the clock. Swipe it. Send it. Share it. Just play the game.