The Boston Celtics are facing elimination in Brooklyn against the Nets. Jayson Tatum will have to have a superhuman, 50 plus point game to stave off the Nets. The Nets are favored to come out of the Eastern Division for the NBA Finals.

The Nets are loaded with three sure Hall of Famers in Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving. The Celtics were able to outscore those players in Game 3 but have not been able to stop them otherwise.

The Celtics will need big games from Tatum’s supporting cast. With All-Star Jaylen Brown out with an injured wrist, other Celtic role players like Tristan Thompson, Kemba Walker and Romeo Langford will have to play above their past performances.

Kyrie Irving has not endeared himself to Celtics fans for his talk in the series and stepping on the Celtics logo after Game 4. But he will be playing in front of Brooklyn fans who will be cheering the Nets to close out the Celtics.

Will Jayson Tatum score 40 points tonight?

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