The Denver Broncos kick off their camp with a quarterback contest between returning Drew Lock and new Teddy Bridgewater, with both expected to get half the snaps leading up to the opener. It has been five years since the Broncos have had a clear number 1 QB and Lock struggled last year with 15 interceptions.

This has to be the last chance for Lock who has plenty of talent but has lacked any kind of consistency. Bridgewater has appeared as a competent alternative but also must view this as his last chance to get a big time starting assignment.

The Broncos have plenty of questions too on the other side of the ball. Von Miller has continued to decline as a result of injuries and time. Bradley Chubb who had a stellar rookie year also declined some last year.

And head coach Vic Fangio is entering his third year and surely will be gone if he does not find a way to get the Broncos in to the playoffs. Some Broncos fans are desperately hoping for Aaron Rodgers to appear as a savior in the same way Peyton Manning did.

The Bragr App asks will the Lock even be successful in starting the season as the Broncos quarterback?

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