The Pittsburgh Steelers certainly look like they have set this year up as a last hurrah for quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. The 39-year-old QB is getting ready to lay it all out on the line one last season. The backup plan for the Steelers is not as rosy with Mason Randolph as backup who has never looked great. Pittsburgh gambled on Dwayne Haskins as a project but the hope is he will do the book work he failed at in WFT.

All eyes in Pittsburgh will be on the backfield this season as the Steelers finally have an electric back in rookie Najee Harris. He had monster years for Alabama and still has plenty in the tank. If he can run and take pressure off the pass game watch for the Steelers to maybe steal the AFC North.

The Steelers were hammered in the playoffs by the Cleveland Browns. They still have to address fixing up their offensive line. And on the defensive side of the ball T.J. Watt has lost his partner Bud Dupree to free agency. The Steelers have plenty of question marks on offense and defense. In the end it will come down to how well Big Ben spins the ball and if he can put the team on his broad shoulders a final time.

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