After a disappointing last season, Ezekiel Elliott is in the best shape of his life for this coming NFL season. Elliott has dropped down to 218 pounds, which is less than when he ran for Ohio State. He has been training all off season and now is showing speed and agility in training camp for the Dallas Cowboys.

Last season, Elliott only had two 100 yard games and only two runs of more than 20 yards—definitely signs of an off year. Elliott has been working with a person trainer in Texas to improve his cutting and darting abilities. Already he is showing improvements in training camp.

The Cowboys disappointed last year without Elliott at his best. But many experts have the Cowboys challenging for the leadership of the NFC East this season. Much of that depends on how much Elliott can provide in snapping back to form.

Elliott was hampered by injuries last season but is ready to go this year. The Bragr App asks will Elliott go off for a 100 yard game in the Cowboys’ opener on the road against the Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

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