Bragr the official best sports picks app rolled across the rolling hills of York to present the premier league pickem kickoff for the Bragr app next Wednesday. Bragr lets friends and family make picks on all the top clubs in the EPL, UCL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, SCP, Ligue 1 and hundreds of top matches across Europe. Bragr is the first premiership pickem to offer players the ability to create their own picks.

Bragr is all about beating the clock. All the results come in real time to the Live Scoreboard. And players need to make their picks against a quick clock to settle tie breakers. Play as much as you like in the pick of the day or on all your favorite teams and sports. The best free picks are the predictions you share with friends.

Fantasy football has always been fun. But there’s work in running leagues and being commissioner and doing the research. Play Bragr as often or casually as you like. Pickswise there’s not another app out there that lets you play friends and family so easily. In sports tonight or over the weekend give Bragr a shot. Pickwise Bragr lets the best pickers shine from around the world.

Bragr is rolling out next week just in time for the kickoff of the NFL season and in time for all the great Premier League action of the week. Making football picks has never been more fun or free.