In 1981, in the Sweet 16 of College Basketball March Madness, Danny Ainge dribbled the length of the court for a buzzer beater layup against a stacked Notre Dame team. Notre Dame had Kelly Tripucka, Orlando Woolridge and John Paxson, but Ainge just did his thing. The Bragr App was watching in the Four Corners restaurant at Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The place went nuts. A year later, Ainge won National Basketball Player of the Year at BYU. An incredible multi-sport athlete, Ainge played 211 games of MLB baseball for the Toronto Blue Jays. Eventually, though, famed Boston Celtics General Manager, Red Auerbach convinced Ainge to leave baseball behind to focus on basketball full-timeā€”and Ainge helped the Celtics win two championships and played in the NBA for 14 seasons. Ainge has gone on to win another NBA Championship as the General Manager of the Boston Celtics and just this week announced his retirement. But don’t be surprised if Ainge goes home to Utah and joins the management of the Utah Jazz. For now though let’s all salute an incredible athlete and smart basketball executive who most likely will find his way to the NBA Hall of Fame. The Bragr App asks will Danny Boy wind up in the NBA Hall of Fame? Just as Ainge picked his way through traffic on the way to the winning basket, Bragr is all about friends, family and foes picking the right outcomes. Bragr is the best NBA picks and predictions app because Bragr allows hoops fans to play pickem, pick em, pick and prediction with matched fans from around the world. Imagine being matched with other fans from cities, states and countries who love basketball for head to head and 1v1 challenges– that’s the Bragr App. Put together a streak and win the bragging rights of all your friends and family. Best of all, Bragr is free and fun on iPhone. With live statistics and tips, the Bragr way is the game changer.