The Utah Jazz host the Los Angeles Clippers in a critical Game 5 showdown. The big news is that Kawhi Leonard is out with a knee injury. Leonard is only the latest star player in a series of big name players who has come down with an injury in the NBA Playoffs. Prompting LeBron James to tweet out today an I told you so about the NBA and its long season with little rest from last year.

The Jazz are favorites tonight on their home court and with Leonard being out indefinitely the Jazz are favorites to win the whole series. Leonard appeared to hurt his knee at the beginning of the fourth quarter of Game 4 but played on.

The Jazz have been playing the whole series so far without star guard Mike Conley, although there is a chance Conley could come back tonight. Conley had a strong year teamed up with Donovan Mitchell in the Utah backcourt.

Injuries are an unfortunate part of the game, but the current rash of injuries to high profile players has put a damper on this year’s playoffs.

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