Pretty amazing to finally get in this world class structure. The Raider Nation must be very proud of such a building. Has to be the class of the league. Think about all the fans who will come to Las Vegas just to see their team play the Raiders and will be blown away by the new home of the Raiders. Making picks, predictions and pickems is what Bragr is all about. We also take pride in what we have built– an app that lets football fans from around the world play head to head or 1v1 against other fans, friends, foes and family. We’ve built an app that is also state of the art and makes it more fun to share watching a game as you play out hunches and picks in a party on the app. We like to think that we have built the best free sports app because it’s not just about statistics but also about sharing those results as they come in to our dynamic like scoreboard. Fantasy football is great but it’s a lot of work to stay up on all that research. Yahoo, CBS, ESPN and others have great fantasy but Bragr is built for the casual as well as the serious sports fan. A simple swipe left or right lets you make your pick and send that to a friend or family or fan. Making NFL picks has never been easier or more fun. Heading up the elevator at the new Raider building has as much anticipation as installing Bragr and making that first pick.