Steph Curry will be gunning for the al-time NBA 3 point record tonight when the Golden State Warriors take on the New York Knicks in Madison Square Garden. BragrNation has already spoken with the majority of players picking Steph to get the two 3 pointers he needs in the 1st quarter. And Bragr players are also picking that Steph gets his two 3s in his first three long range shots.

Bragr is all about sharing picks with friends, family and fans from around the world. Bragr makes it easy to make picks with a simple swipe left or right and a pick messaged to a friend. The NBA pickem has come a long way and fans now want to be able to share picks as easily as they send messages to friends.

Expert picks are great but there is nothing like sharing free picks with friends and keeping score in micro leaderboards about who is winning head to head and 1v1. The best free picks are those that match friends in picks the players have created themselves from hundreds of picks in Bragr. Each player can mix and match picks to send to friends from all major teams and sports.

Steph Curry goes for the record tonight.