What are the odds NFL unhappy superstars Aaron Rodgers and Julio Jones wind up on the same team this coming year? Rodgers has made it plain that he is not happy with the General Manager of the Green Bay Packers, Brian Gutekunst. And Julio Jones has pretty much made it clear that he wants out of Atlanta.

Rodgers has said that it’s not about the cash—it’s that the organizational philosophy of the Packers has gone awry—which seems to be another way of saying he cannot stand Gutekunst. Rodgers has said he has no issue with the Packers drafting young quarterback Jordan Love but it may well have been the way that the Packers reportedly did not consult with Rodgers that has led to the rift.

It would be amazing to see Rodgers throwing the pigskin to Jones at some point. But that may mean Rodgers has to sit out a whole year and call the Packers out to the mat.

The Bragr App asks if Rodgers and Jones will suit up on the same team at some point in the coming NFL season that kicks off in September.

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