The Wave was invented in 1981 by Crazy George Henderson at an Oakland A’s game in 1981 in Oakland. He had an idea it might work and gave it a go with three sections next to him. Before he knew it, the wave was rolling around the stadium

Years later in the football World Cup in Mexico in 1986 the Wave also circulated but the real origin was with Henderson in 1981. Now 40 years later it was rocking at the first night of football in the new stadium of the Las Vegas Raiders. Folks who say it’s not cool don’t have much to say because it takes 95% of folks to get the Wave rocking and when it does it’s something else.

The Raiders are home in their new Allegiant Stadium. Much credit has to be given to owner Mark Davis, son of the maverick Al Davis. Davis had the smarts to take the club to Las Vegas and then to see a state of the art stadium rise up out of the sand.

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