The Bragr App the best NFL picks app for playing picks with family and friends was able to attend the first game ever at Allegiant Field, the spectacular new home to the Las Vegas Raiders. The Raiderettes, the cheerleading squad of the team, has an amazing dressing room in the stadium and the Raiderettes were fired up to kick off the new season.

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The new Allegiant Stadium is a thing of beauty. Owner Mark Davis delivered on his word in providing an incredible new venue for the Las Vegas Raiders. The Raiderettes go way back to 1961 when maverick owner Al Davis ran the Oakland Raiders.

The Raiders this year are not expected to make the playoffs. Much will depend on quarterback Derek Carr and if he can return to the high level of play he was at a couple of years ago. The Raiders’ defense was abysmal last year and the team has upgraded a bit but will it be enough.

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