Updated: Apr 29

… when the sports sites and ESPN begin the end of year countdown of the year’s greatest plays. A great catch at the wall. A buzzer beater. But occasionally they count down the greatest of all time. When they do that for the NFL, it’s time to turn off the TV.

That #1 NFL play always comes back to December 23, 1972. As a young boy and massive Oakland Raiders fan, a Bragr co-founder was watching with his mother that late Sunday afternoon. The Oakland Raiders were on their way to stopping their ’70s nemesis the Pittsburgh Steelers. 4th and 10 with no timeouts and Bradshaw was almost sacked. But instead he launched one, caromed off Tatum and could have gone any of 360 degrees. But fell to Hall of Famer Harris who caught the end over end ball at his shoelaces and rumbled in.

The young Bragr boy said nothing. His mom asked if he was ok. He got up out of his lucky green chair, switched off the TV, and walked in to the kitchen and sat on the wooden chair. Crying.

Even then, he knew that play would be played forever. It wasn’t just another win or loss. It wasn’t OK. He knew that 50 years later they would still be calling that the greatest NFL play ever. Never to be topped.

What were the odds? Bragr, the sports bragging app, began that afternoon.