It had to happen. On the toughest contest on Bragr yesterday TJ Jam racked up a perfect score on the inning by inning picks for the World Series Game 2. In doing so, he also scored the highest point total on a contest so far on Bragr with a whopping 46 points.

TJ Jam answered questions like “Will Fried get a K in the 2nd inning?” “Will the Astros work a walk in the 6th inning?” and “Will either team score in the 8th inning?” He almost doubled up on second place finisher MyAppleNat. And sent Ron Burgondy to the showers early.

Bragr is all about trusting your instincts and beating the clock by making quick predictions with friends, family and foes. Bragr has set out to be the best free sports app by offering not just picks on NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA and College Sports but also global football from the EPL, UCL and the major European leagues.

Bragr is the perfect place for free sports picks to be shared with friends with a simple swipe left or right and tune in as the results pile in real time. TJ Jam was quick to post his record leaderboard to his friends and social networks. But it’s Thursday and let’s see how he does tonight in the TNF game between the Green Bay Packers and Arizona Cardinals—look out for the quarter by quarter picks as the action comes home. It’s on.

What perfection looks like.