Vegas Rising

Updated: May 5 The NHL West leading Vegas Knights travel to take on the San Jose Sharks. Will the Knights score first?

Harden in Houston

Updated: May 5 James Harden rolls back in to Houston with the Brooklyn Nets. Will Harden go off for a triple double?

Tatum for the Win

Updated: May 5 Jayson Tatum is leading the NBA in game winning shots. Will he score one tonight in Boston against the Los Angeles Clippers?

Cade Leads OK State

Updated: May 5 Cade Cunningham is putting up college basketball player of the year stats. Will Oklahoma State be leading at halftime against Oklahoma tonight?

Curry in City of Angels

Updated: May 5 Steph Curry brings the Golden State Warriors to a Sunday night showdown with the Los Angeles Lakers. Will the Warriors be leading at halftime?