Spoiler Alert

Updated: May 5 The Philadelphia Eagles are playing spoiler today against the Washington Football Team. Jalen Hurts will try to make a statement performance to leave no doubt his position ahead of Carson Wentz heading in to the offseason. Will the Eagles be leading at halftime?

The Bragr Backs It Up

Maybe the greatest Bragr ever was just flat out the Greatest, Muhammad Ali. He talked a big game and backed it up. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Always talking. Always moving. Always the greatest. Ali was still an upstart, Cassius Clay then, when he beat the heavyweight champ Sonny Liston in 1964.… Continue reading The Bragr Backs It Up

Are you watching this?

One of the best things about sports is sharing the immediacy of a great event. Yesterday Alvin Kamara tied the 91-year-old NFL record for touchdowns with six for the New Orleans Saints. With four minutes left the Saints chose not to send him in again to get the tie breaker. But as Kamara was going… Continue reading Are you watching this?